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Travel Agents

We already work with hundreds of travel agents and ensure all their clients legitimate travel protection. Let's set up a call to discuss how we can partner.

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We Know You Are Not Experts At All This. But We Are.

Being a travel agent is tough! From dealing with uber-demanding luxury clients to being an expert on a world of destinations- you certainly have your hands full.

The world of travel insurance is terribly confusing and complex and many of your clients are looking to YOU for guidance to sort out the endless maze of companies and policy options that are out there

When you partner with Travel Defend - You are no longer alone. If one of your clients suffer a travel mishap, we stand by their side.

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The Ultimate Win-Win.

At Travel Defend- We are your travel insurance experts. Your clients will never pay a penny more to work with us and our brokerage provides a personalized, one on one concierge service that is immediately ready to assist. The best part? We do all this and pay you a COMMISSION, which is simply easy, pure profit for you- the ultimate win-win. Give us a call today at 1-800-578-2871 to discuss how we can partner together.

The Ultimate Win-Win. That’s the Travel Defend Way.