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The clout we bring to the table will ensure you are protected in real life.

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When You Purchase a Policy on Your Own - Who is There to Help You?

The fact of the matter is that when you purchase a policy on your own- you are nothing more than a faceless anonymous individual to the insurance company.

Getting anyone (at even the best of travel insurance companies) to help you in real time is nearly impossible!

Submitting a claim can be a complex process- Where can you receive expert guidance?

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The Power of Travel Defend is a Gamechanger

At Travel Defend, we bring tens of thousands of policies to the insurance companies and because of this fact we wield tremendous influence. All of our clients receive priority treatment and we stand by you to ensure you are protected in real life,. Our team of experts are always standing by ready to assist. Give us a call at 1-800-578-2871. We are here to help.

The Ultimate win-win. That’s the Travel Defend way.