Aug 1, 2023

Maldives Travel Insurance

The Best Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Maldives


You are planning your trip to Iceland and travel protection is essential. While travel insurance is not mandatory to enter Iceland, it is strongly recommended that all travelers have coverage due to the unpredictable nature of international travel.

We will help you procure the correct policy for your trip.

Maldives, an archipelagic nation of islands, is a great choice for those looking for a adventure. A trip to the Maldives can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You’ll never run out of fun activities and adventures! Swim and scuba dive to explore the underwater wonders, from corals to marine life. You can also go island-hopping to discover what makes each island special. With so many incredible activities available, travel insurance can be even more crucial.

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, travel insurance will protect the cost of your trip, including medical coverage, trip delay, baggage delay, baggage loss etc. Travel insurance can also be incredibly important if you are traveling to Nepal on a luxury tour, as travel insurance will protect your financial risk, if anything should happen and you cannot travel.



Which Travel Insurance Policy Should I Purchase For My Trip to Maldives?

Travel Insurance can be an overwhelming and confusing experience.

There are literally over a hundred companies and policy options in the market!

·      How do you know which is the best policy for you?

·      How do you know which companies actually protect you?

·      Which really pay out? 

·      What specific coverages do you need?

·      And most importantly, what do you do if you have a claim?

The only way to truly know which is the best travel insurance policy for your trip to Maldives is to contact Travel Defend. We are a brokerage with access to every policy in America and are experts at all of them. Our concierge service will answer all your questions, ensure you get the perfect policy for your precise situation, take care of all the paperwork for you, and most importantly, ensure you get paid. The best part? You never pay a penny more to work with Travel Defend. All our benefits, with no downside- the ultimate win-win.



If you’re more comfortable purchasing a policy online – our revolutionary quote optimizer is for you. Our quote optimizer uses proprietary AI to automatically search through every policy in the country and immediately provide you with the ideal policy for your situation. It weighs your state of residence, the dollar amount of the trip, destination, dates involved and travelers ages to immediately determine which would be the best policy – SPECIFICALLY for you.


Travel insurance does a number of things. It can protect the trip cost, as well as provide medical coverage on the trip, trip delay, baggage delay, baggage loss and a number of other important coverages.

Any time you leave the country, travel insurance is a must. This would apply to any person of any age and on any trip. Traveling to a foreign country with no medical coverage can be a life altering devastating experience. The cost of travel insurance (when the trip cost is low) is typically very cheap but ciritcal. Medicare and many US based health insurance plans will not provide adequate medical coverage while traveling outside of the U.S.

Flight Delay, Trip Cancelation and Baggage Delay

In the last 6 months, missed connections, baggage loss, baggage delay and trip delay are up over 57%. Having coverage for all these potential scenarios is crucial. Travel insurance is powerful for many reasons- it can protect you financially, protect you medically and also protect you against the inconveniences of modern day travel.




Top 3 Things to Do in Maldives

The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, just southwest of Sri Lanka is known for its countless islands surrounded by white sand, palm trees, and water that is too clear to believe. If you want to pamper yourself, then a luxurious resort is the perfect place. But if you venture out, there are cultural wonders and wildlife encounters that will be unforgettable. This is the ultimate vacation spot!


1.   Meet Sharks & Manta Rays At Maafushi Island


Want to see sharks, mantas rays and other marine life up close? Maldives offers you this opportunity. Maafushi Island is a destination that’s known for its marine life. It’s one of the best ways to experience the Maldives. Maafushi Island, a place with a variety of amenities, including a luxurious beach, gourmet food and more, is a popular destination for travelers. The main reason that people come to this island is to enjoy the calmness of the beaches and to meet the sharks. Unbelievable!

2.  Snorkel in Banana Reef



Banana Reef is located in the North Male Atoll, west of Farukolhufushi Island. Divers, snorkelers and swimmers can find it there. The reef is shaped like a banana, which is how it got its name. It’s great for beginners and advanced divers, with small canyons and overhangs. The ocean currents have created a large overhang in the middle of the reef. Divers and snorkelers can see huge schools of oriental sweetlips, snappers and fusiliers. A wall and some caves are located on the southern end of the reef. These caves are filled with red-tooth triggerfish. Banana Reef has been designated a marine protected area.

3. Secret Paradise


Secret Paradise’s headquarters is located on Hulhumale – an artificial island that is an extension to Male, just north of Male Airport. Secret Paradise places a strong emphasis on the local Maldivian tradition and culture. Visitors can learn how the locals live on Hurra island. Visitors can explore the mangrove swamps and freshwater lakes. Then, on their way back they can relax on the roof of the ferry and enjoy the night sky. The guests can also choose to spend a day island-hopping, take a walk on the smaller Villimale island, or have dinner with locals.


U.S. / Maldives Embassy and Consulate Locations

U.S. Mission to Maldives

  • U.S. Virtual Mission in Maldives
    210 Galle Road
    Colombo 03
    Sri Lanka

Representatives of the Maldives in USA

  • Permanent Mission to the UN of the Maldives
    800 Second Avenue, Suite 400-E
    New York, NY 10017 United States
    Phone: 1.212.599.619

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