Aug 7, 2023

Travel medical insurance for seniors over 80

Best Travel Medical Insurance For Seniors Over 80


Travel Medical Insurance is a must for anyone who plans a trip abroad. However, seniors over 80 should prioritize it more than other travelers. Senior travelers and retirees face unique risks and worries when they travel away from home. Travelling overseas without medical coverage and emergency evacuation can be life threatening.

But the big questions is – What is the best travel medical insurance plans for seniors over 80? Many travel insurance policies were not designed with retirees’ needs in mind. Many travel medical insurance policies can be very restrictive if you are over 80. Insurance companies look at age as a major risk factor and most plans for travelers aged over 80 offer limited policy options, lower benefits, and higher premiums. It’s very important to be well versed in all of the different options to compare policies side by side. Don’t travel with a policy that has benefits to low to actually protect you properly.


The only way to truly know which is the best travel medical insurance policy to buy for if you are a senior over 80, is to speak to an expert who can guide you.

At Travel Defend, our brokerage has access to every travel insurance policy in America and we are experts at all of them. Our concierge service will answer all your questions, ensure you receive the perfect policy for your precise situation, take care of all the paperwork, and most importantly, ensure you get paid if you have a problem.

The best part? You never pay a penny more to work with Travel Defend. All our benefits, with no downside- the ultimate win-win.



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If you’re more comfortable purchasing a policy online – our revolutionary quote optimizer is for you. Our quote optimizer uses proprietary AI to automatically search through every policy in the country and immediately provide you with the ideal policy for your situation. It weighs your state of residence, the dollar amount of the trip, destination, dates involved and travelers ages to immediately determine which would be the best policy – SPECIFICALLY for you.



Travel insurance does a number of things. It can protect the trip cost, as well as provide medical coverage on the trip, trip delay, baggage delay, baggage loss and a number of other important coverages.

Any time you leave the country, travel insurance is a must. This would apply to any person of any age and on any trip. Traveling to a foreign country with no medical coverage can be a life altering devastating experience. The cost of travel insurance (when the trip cost is low) is typically very cheap but critical. Medicare and many US based health insurance plans will not provide adequate medical coverage while traveling outside of the U.S.

We are available inmediately to assist you.

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This is where Travel Defend steps in.

We are your Travel Insurance Experts.

We have access to every policy in America and will ensure you are protected with the best policy for your specific situation.

Our brokerage provides a personalized, one on one concierge service that is immediately ready to assist. We don’t just send you to a link to figure it out for yourself – we are here to answer all your questions, guide you to the best policies for your precise situation and we will even do all the paperwork for your.

We are available inmediately to assist you.

Since we bring thousands and thousands of policies to the insurance companies – they take care of our people.

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We are the ultimate win-win.


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